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No applications are accepted for Summer 2014

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Application Deadline is February 22nd, 2012

  • For full consideration, the applicants are strongly encouraged to complete the applications by February 22nd, 2012. Applications after this deadline will be evaluated based on the availability of space.
  • All program notifications will be made via email by Friday, March 2, 2012.

Details on the Video Entry

  • The video essay is optional and is permitted to serve as a complement or replacement to the written essay.
  • The video entry should be approximately 3-5 minutes in length. There are no limitations on resolution, however, the applicants are requested to keep the overall video file size reasonable.
  • The videos must include the identification of the applicant, such as a text title of the applicant's name.
  • The video entry should address the essay questions clearly and adequately.
  • The quality or creativity of the video segment will not be used as a judging merit. Video entry can be as simple as the applicant recording himself (or herself) reading his (her) essay with a webcam. Video entry is offered as a convenience, and provides a medium for the applicant to deliver the essay personally--in video.

Details on Recommendation Letters

  • Recommendation letters are required for application and can be _slightly_ sent later than the application deadline. Applicants can choose to submit up to two (2) letters of recommendation to be evaluated as a part of the application. Recommendation letters should be sent through email to Ms. Ward at
  • If the participant is personally recommended by an individual (e.g. professor directing/encouraging the participant to apply for the REU program), this should be noted on the application form. If this is the case, a recommendation letter from the recommending individual or the acknowledgment of this recommendation in the essay is requested.

Details on Transcripts

  • In order to speed up the application process, official transcripts are not requested at the time of the application. Unofficial/online transcripts can be used for this purpose. The coordinators reserve the right to request an official transcript before evaluating an application. Upon acceptance into the program, the applicants (i.e. REU fellows) will be asked to submit official transcripts.
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